Semi permanent make up can benefit:

  • Those who have very little or no time to apply make-up.
  • Those who suffer Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Parkinson’s Disease, or other tremor related conditions.
  • Those with little confidence in applying make-up or have poor eye-sight.
  • Those who like to look their best at all times.
  • Those who have sparse or over plucked eyebrows.
  • Those who have lost their natural lip line due to the ageing process. 
  • Everyone who wants to enhance or divert their natural lines to new lines.

Imagine the benefits of having your make-up in place all of the time day after day 24/7. The time and effort saved by not having to touch up your eye brows, eyes and lips leaving you to get on with the more important aspects of your life yet still knowing you look your very best always. As we all know when we look good, we feel good.

These are just some of the reasons permanent (also referred to as semi permanent) cosmetics are becoming more and more popular within the beauty industry. Not only can this treatment enhance the features you already have, it can also make smaller eyes look bigger, thin lips to become fuller and eye brows can be raised or altered to give the shape you always wanted, even giving the effect of a mini eye lift.

Permanent cosmetics are a form of tattooing where pharmaceutical graded pigments are inserted. Computerised technology and individually packed disposable safety needles are used carefully to implant the pigments into the upper dermis layer of the skin. Please expect the colour to be 40% darker when treatment is first carried out.

The pigment used are very subtle and are developed to work with your own natural colour undertones of the skin. By mixing colours we can create the perfect individual colour to suit you.

The pigments are safe, non toxic and hypo-allergenic. They are trusted by technicians and cosmetic surgeons worldwide. In fact ophthalmologists recommend eye procedures for those sensitive to conventional cosmetics.

Semi or Permanent?

Semi permanent make-up is considered permanent, since implanted pigment cannot be washed away, however the colour will fade in time, how long depends upon the individual, the colours chosen, the clients lifestyle and most of all exposure to the sun.

This is why a colour boost is recommended  every 12 - 18 months in order to maintain fresh looking colour.

Permanent cosmetics are the future and are increasingly being used for cosmetic and medical purposes. They also can complimenting the work of surgeons, aesthetic doctors & Orphalmologists.


  • Do your research.
  • Ask to see the technicians qualifications.
  • Ensure treatment will be carried out in a clinical environment.
  • Make the natural looking change and see what permanent cosmetics can do for you.


A relaxed and informal in-depth consultation will take place prior to the procedure. It is an opportunity to discuss your desires and ensure that semipermanent makeup is for you. We will talk about your skin tone, suitable pigment colours, face shape and face measurements and a compulsory patch test will be carried out to ensure suitability and potential skin reactions.

We will work together in order to design the best bespoke treatment for you and you can ask as many questions as you desire.

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You will be guided through every step of your treatment explaining each process to make it as painless and pleasant as possible. It is important for you to have an enjoyable experience and for you to love the results. Julia will always err on the side of caution during your initial treatment therefore you are offered a follow up treatment completely free of charge after one month so that we can fine tune and perfect your new look.

The eyebrows / eyeliner / lip liner will be drawn on for your approval before starting the treatment. This is where we agree the colour and shape / design.

We advise you on aftercare and give you written aftercare instructions.

We are always available after your procedure should you have any questions or concerns.

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Eyebrows are one of the most transformative facial features as they determine the expression and true beauty of the face. Creating the perfectly defined eyebrow by correct shape and style can make a huge difference to your face and can be a life changing treatment if performed professionally.

You have come to the right place if you want the end result to look attractive, youthful and incredibly realistic.

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This is the perfect treatment for those who simply are unable to live without their eyeliner and who want to achieve the most from their eyes. Applying a subtle line through the lash line can give the appearance of thicker lashes and more beautifully defined eyes. Alternatively a more bold line can achieve a stronger and more glamorous finish.

Whatever you desire, Julia will help create the perfect eyeliner to suit your eyes. You will be able to wake up with more youthful and smudge-free eyes.

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Semi permanent lip liner will re-define the lip contour and is ideal for those who have lost lip line definition with age. Through the careful and subtle application of colour to match your skin tone.

Julia can enhance your lip’s size and correct any shape or symmetry concerns leaving the natural and youthful look you so desire.

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